Why Record Performance?

Why Record Performance?

It’s FREE with your membership subscription!  You just send in your weights, and we do the rest to ensure the data gets computed.

Why you should be recording YOUR herd with SDHBS

By comparing with other South Devon records across all herds and all generations:

Recording EQUIPS you with another tool to interpret what’s ‘under the cover’, enabling you:

  • To select which heifers you should be retaining as suckler replacements
  • To find the most promising bull breeders
  • To find the best meat producers

Recording INFORMS your buyer of the particular traits he is seeking in breeding cattle and in a terminal sire.

Recording helps to BUILD the national South Devon database which in turn widens the South Devon gene pool.

  • Fact – weighing can be done at the same time as other routine cattle handling jobs (eg weaning, TB testing, vaccinating)
  • Fact – when you submit weights to the office you will receive a herd report at the end of the month.
  • Fact –buyers use figures to shortlist their sale catalogue choices, as well as to assess the pedigree and visual components of an animal.
  • Fact – some competitions are specifically for recorded cattle, such as the Society’s Performance Championships.

HOW you should record your herd with SDHBS

Write down and submit to us the animal ID, weigh date, and weight, plus any management notes such as ‘show team’ or ‘sick calf, bottle-fed’, or

Submit electronically via our database using your unique ID and password, or

Request downloadable weigh forms from SDHBS, print off, complete and either scan or post back to us