Health Requirements

Health Requirements

Health Declaration

All vendors must complete a Society Herd Health Declaration and submit it with their completed Entry Forms.


All Sale animals must either be from CHeCS accredited BVD free herds or the individual animals must be blood tested negative for BVD antigen, and all animals must complete a vaccination course for BVD at least one month prior to the Sale (at least one month prior to service for females).

CHeCs members

Vendors must also supply their CHeCs scheme provider’s health status certificate if they are members of a scheme.


Any female that is entered for a sale must be tested negative for neospora within 60 days of the sale date unless from a CHeCs herd at risk level one or two for neospora.  A declaration will be required to state that the dam has never been tested positive for the disease.  If the female to be sold is an Embryo Transfer birth the natal dam must also have been tested negative.


If the herd is testing for Johnes under a CHeCs membership scheme the current risk level will be published in the catalogue.  If the herd is not testing this will be declared.