Newton Farm Partners

Newton Farm Partners


Newton Farm is based in Newton St Loe near Bath.  The farm is regeneratively farmed and is lowland rolling hills and meadows.

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Farm Facts

  • Newton Farm Partners – Josh Gay, with parents Hugh & Celia, and brother Will
  • Newton St Loe, Bath
  • 500 acre farm tenanted from Duchy of Cornwall
  • South Devon 60 cow pedigree herd with Aberdeen Angus 60 cow cross-bred herd
  • Award-winning farm shop and butchery and café supplied by the farm
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  • Finishing at 22-24 months
  • Carcases 320-240kg DW
  • Usually achieving R4L, R3, R4H and U3H grades
Cows in Field


  • Spring & autumn calving herds
  • Grass & herbal leys, including clover; mob grazing
  • No bought-in feed
  • Outwinter with bale grazing
  • The management of the land aims to reduce the need for artificial fertiliser and improves the soil
  • Aim to completely out winter to eliminate cost of housing & reduce antibiotic usage
  • HLS for 13 years
  • High health status


“Mob grazing, resting the fields for 60 days allows crops to flower, set seed and put down good roots, ensuring nothing is over-grazed.  “Last year was the first year we implemented this system and I got an extra 45 days grazing in one year

“We’re going to prioritise the South Devon going forward as we have a number of footpaths here and the cattle are particularly docile”