World Association

World Association

The South Devon World Association exists to link the interests of breeders of South Devon cattle around the world.  A World Congress is held every three years in one of the member countries and the next one will be in the UK in June 2026.

South Devon Herd Book Society

Caroline Poultney, Breed Secretary
Office Suite 1, Westpoint, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, Devon, UK EX5 1DJ
Tel: (44) 01392 447494

Canadian South Devon Association

Elsie Beddoes, Secretary/Treasurer

North America South Devon Association

Sherry Doubet, Breed Coordinator
Box 850, Big Horn, WY 82833, USA
Tel: (303) 770-3130

South Devon Cattle Society Of Australia

Elizabeth Wilson, Secretary
Coomoroo, 366 Developmental Road, Springhurst, VIC 3682, Australia
Tel: (61) 419 507 831

South Devon Cattle Society Of New Zealand

Lindy Lawrence, Administration Manager
75 South Street, Feilding 4740, New Zealand
Tel: (64) 6 323 4484

South Devon Cattle Society Of South Africa

Anna-Marie Viljoen, Secretary
PO Box 506, Bloemfontein, 9300, South Africa
Tel: (51) 410 0958