Why South Devons?

Why South Devons?

The South Devon is ideally suited for the modern pedigree or commercial suckler herd, its outstanding maternal strengths combining with its low-cost beef performance to make it an essential component for efficient green beef production.

Indeed, the breed has a place in any beef production unit looking to maximise efficiencies and resources to increase a herd’s economic performance and to complement arable systems for regenerative soil health.

Its flexibility makes it an easy cross with an extensive range of other breeds, native or continental, for additional hybrid vigour and to suit all management systems.

Beef animals consistently produce R & U grades, and finish quickly and efficiently at the desired carcase weight required by today’s beef processor and butcher.  More kilos = more £s

South Devons add value through:

Growth from grass

Highly competitive growth rates and feed efficiency from low-cost forage diet

Naturally milky mothers

Plentiful rich milk; hardy and versatile; long-lived and productive

Ease of management

Exceptionally quiet temperament; easy and safe to handle

Adaptability and sustainability

Easily adapts to its environment and nutrition; long years of production; premium for well-finished cull cows

Superior eating quality

Marbled, well-grained meat; grass-fed suckled linked to Omega-3 health benefits