AHDB Native Beef Rankings

AHDB Native Beef Breed Rankings

The AHDB National Beef Evaluations were launched in late 2018, providing the first set of EBVs for UK beef cattle based on commercially sourced data.  Performance and pedigree data flows into the evaluation from most of the largest UK beef processors in the UK, from the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), and from pedigree breed societies.  Updated EBVs are released three times per year, in April, August and December.

The South Devon is currently ranked against five other native beef breeds.  In the April 2024 AHDB Native Beef Breed evaluation the South Devon breed ranked highest for:

  • Carcase weight by almost 15 kg per carcase above its next competitor
  • Average daily carcase gain from the breed’s high conversion efficiency from low cost feed
  • Carcase conformation (joint top) with carcases falling into the desired processor categories

The data suggests that compared to the overall population of both native and continental beef animals, a higher proportion of South Devon sired animals are finished as bulls rather than steers (14% South Devon, 12% continental, 7% native)